Join a Workshop

Often, photography workshops do one of two things. They either teach you valuable new skills or take you to beautiful destinations. But why not both? This is a question I’ve asked myself as I encountered the same scenarios from one tour to another. Not enough time to take photographs, few valuable skills learned, and to top if off – generic locations.


That’s why my unique tours strive to be different. The goal: to combine insightful photography workshops, local guidance and breathtaking travel adventures. In a small group of 6-8 people, you will explore unique locations AND learn techniques that help you bring each photograph to the next level.


With a limited number of participants, I commit time to each individual. This way, you can profit from the experience and achieve your photography goals. Even better? The experience connects you and other individuals who share the same creative passion. Choose a destination and check out our awesome travel itineraries.

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