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Landscape & Nature Photography Workshop


September 2022 (tba.)

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2 guides and 8 participants

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September 2022 (tba.)

Fotografie Level

Beginner to intermediate


18 Jahre alt

Workshop Beschreibung

Switzerland – one of the most beautiful countries in the heart of Europe. What better way to explore the breathtaking landscapes, mountain regions and picturesque towns than with your camera? If you agree – we have good news for you! Our unique landscape, nature und die travel photography workshop is here to teach you all the necessary skills.


As creatives ourselves, in September 2022 we are bringing together a group of passionate beginner/intermediate photographers to discover the stunning spots of Switzerland. During six days of exploration and adventure, we’ll delve into all aspects of photography together – ranging from finding your own style and telling a story with your work, to more technical aspects of the camera, marketing your work online, and Instagram profile building. And even better? We’ll connect you with an amazing group of people that share your passion!


Our Switzerland Workshop is for adventurous nature-lovers und die curious photographers looking to take their photography skills to the next level. You will explore beautiful and unique destinations in Switzerland with the help of a seasoned local. All the while, you’ll gain firsthand, one-on-one knowledge from an experienced photography professional.


We have designed this workshop to support each other, help each other grow, and to build a community of travel, nature and landscape photography lovers. And not only that – you will come home with a beautiful portfolio filled with diverse Swiss landscapes.

In order to make this workshop as personable as possible, spots are limited to 6-8 participants. That way, we ensure that you will gain the utmost value from this experience. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!

Workshop Angebot
  • Wissen aus erster Hand von einer National Geographic Fotografin
  • Experience from a local Swiss guide of some of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland
  • A multi-lingual team (Workshop in English, translation in German and French if necessary)
  • Persönliches Foto-Feedback, Verbesserungsvorschläge und Tipps
  • A collection of beautiful photographs for your portfolio
  • Guidance into finding your personal photography style & telling a story with your images
  • Connection to a creative community of people who share the same passion as you
  • Strategies into how to grow your online presence and Instagram portfolio (if desired)
  • Increased visibility of your work through mutual promotions
  • Access to a private Facebook
  • Group with all the attendees as soon as the workshop finishes
Lana Tannir Photography Portrait

Lana Tannir

Lana is a professional photographer with 10+ years of experience in wildlife and landscape photography. As a biology student and ambassador for World Animal Protection UK, she specializes in conservation and animal welfare projects for organizations, editorials and sustainable brands. Lana's main focus lies on challenging environments and remote places. Her most recent publications include National Geographic Germany, Terra Mater, Oceanographic Magazine, Wildlife Photographic, Bell Collective, and Wild Planet Photo Magazine, among others. She also regularly exhibits her work in Germany and the UK.

Emilien Gigandet

Swiss local Emilien devotes himself to capturing breathtaking outdoor, landscape and travel photographs. Specializing in telling stories of wanderlust, his goal is to share the magic of nature with others. His journeys have taken him from his hometown in Jura to distant destinations like Svalbard, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, North Cap, Segla, and more. Since starting photography in 2016, Emilien has created a dedicated following of 14K fans on Instagram. Additionally, he has also collaborated with multiple tourism boards and brands, including TravelVibes Magazine, Visit Svalbard, Visit Stockholm, Noir Gallery, Canon Switzerland, and more.

Verlauf des Workshops

Please note. The activities listed will all be completed, but the order might have to be re-arranged pending weather conditions.

Tag 1 - Ankunft & Einführung

You should plan to arrive in Interlaken by 2:00 PM the latest. In Interlaken, we will be meeting the group, doing a short tour of the city and grabbing some afternoon drinks together. From there, we will drive to our accommodation in Grindelwald, where we will be staying for the remainder of our trip. In the evening, we will meet for dinner to prepare for our early start the next day.

Day 2 – Jungfraujoch & Kleine Scheidegg

Depart from accommodation at 9:00 AM. Our day will take us on an adventure to Jungfraujoch – a snowy and stunning glacier saddle with an elevation of 3,466 meters above sea level. In the morning, we will take the train up the mountain to visit the beautiful glacial Ice Palace, created by mountain guides in the 1930’s.  


The early afternoon is about hiking on the glacier and taking photographs of the misty mountains and the incredible Jungfraujoch observatory – the breathtaking surroundings are an experience you’ll never forget.


Afterwards, we will take the train to Kleine Scheidegg, (“minor watershed”) – a  mountain pass at an elevation of 2,061 meters. There, we will explore the surrounding landscapes (lakes, mountains, and the passing train) with our cameras – learning how to frame to tell a story and create depth in our photographs. 


The night at our accommodation, just like most nights during the tour will be dedicated to casually editing our photos from the day. We will be available to assist you in your editing techniques and guide you to get the most out of your photos.

Day 3 – Blausee, Kandersteg & Oeschinensee

Depart from accommodation at 8:00 AM. Our morning will consist of a trip to the beautiful Blausee, a small lake in the Kander valley above Kandergrund at 887 metres. Before lunch, we will stop by a picturesque chapel in Kandergrund.


In the afternoon, we will explore the Oeschinensee with our cameras – a mountain lake with crystal clear waters. There, we will spend our evening next to a beautiful bonfire and the starry skies. We will discuss how to expose for night photography and try our hand at taking some shots, before walking down the mountain back to our accommodation.

Day 4 – Lauterbrunnen & Mürren

We start the morning off at 9:00 by traveling to the famous mountain-town of Lauterbrunnen, with beautiful waterfalls and charming little streets all around. Our morning will consist of capturing the essence of the landscapes in this area and exploring different angles to tell a story with our photographs. 


After lunch at a local restaurant, we will take the train up to Mürren, where we will see a beautiful viaduct and capture the details of the surrounding nature and landscapes. Here, we’ll focus on creating consistency in our work and finding unique ways to represent a place. 


Nighttime is dedicated to one-on-one feedback on your photos, helping you with editing, answering any questions you may have, and constructively critiquing each other’s work as a group.

Day 5 – Iseltwald, Giesbach & Steingletscher

Our day will start at 9:00 AM, when we will depart by car to Iseltwald – a village and municipality on the southern shore of Lake Brienz. There, we will photograph the unique castle on the edge of the lake. Before lunch, our journey will take us to the Giesbach waterfall, where we will learn how to create movement in our images using long-exposure.


After lunch, we will adventure to the mountains to capture the Steingletscher – a 4 km long glacier situated in the Urner Alps. Here, we will spend the rest of our afternoon, exploring the region. During our time there, we will talk about developing our own unique style as photographers. For those who are interested, we will also take a look at how to promote our work online via social media, and give you helpful tips and tricks on how to grow your channels further (If you’re not interested in learning this, the location of the workshop is stunning and you can explore and take photos on your own). 


Nighttime is dedicated for editing photos together and discussing how you can take your personal style further. Or just recovering from the day with some wine in hand. Either option is fine.

Day 6 – Farewell & Departure

After an amazing time together as a group, it’s (sadly!) time to say our goodbyes. Departures overseas can begin from 12:00 PM this day, or if you’d prefer to extend your stay in Switzerland, we’re happy to drop you off at your accommodation within the area.

Umfang des Workshops


  • Experiencing the best of Switzerland in 6 days
  • Pick up and drop off in Interlaken
  • Lodging/Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Local guide & photographer
  • All transportation during the tour (car/train/gondola)
  • All experiences throughout the workshop (Jungfraujoch, Blausee, glacier ice cave tour, etc.)
  • PDF-Handbuch mit allen Notizen, die während des Workshops behandelt werden

Nicht inbegriffen

  • Airfare & travel expenses to/from Switzerland
  • Food (lunch and dinner) – you can choose to do it cheap and have all your meals bought from the supermarket, or otherwise we’ll be stopping at cafes and restaurants
  • Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks
  • Travel to Thun and from Lucern
  • Travel from Interlaken to Thun
  • Travel Insurance (compulsory)
  • Kameraausrüstung (obligatorisch)
Wichtige Informationen


  • Wanderschuhe
  • head lamp
  • sunglasses
  • towel
  • clothes to be outside in the mountains during the night (rain coat, layers)
  • warm hat, gloves, layers, and a coat for trip to 3,500m mountain with snow
  • sunscreen
  • camera
  • Kameratasche/Tasche für den Transport der Ausrüstung
  • Kamera-Regenschutz
  • lenses: normal lens and wide angle lens (telephoto is a plus)
  • Backup für Fotos und/oder genügend SD-Karten
  • Stativ
  • Intervalometer für Aufnahmen im Bulb-Modus für Langzeitbelichtungen
  • filters (if available)
  • drone (if desired)

Location Informationen

We will be spending a significant time at each location to provide you with the opportunity to get your desired shots from different angles and ask questions. While times at locations will vary, we will be spending an average of at least 3 hours at each place. You may use all images that you captured during the workshop for your portfolio and/or business opportunities. However, please note that we do not provide exclusive location or photo releases during the workshop for editorial and commercial uses.

Körperliche Anforderungen

The participant must be in good health and be in good physical condition, as moderate walking and hiking will be involved throughout the workshop.

Wichtige Informationen

As we will be going to high elevations in the Swiss Alps, please make sure to bring a hat, gloves, a warm jacket, and adequate walking shoes for these circumstances.  If you are bringing a drone, please make sure to have relevant information regarding flight restrictions.

Photography Trip

During this tour, we will be sharing photography insights from over 8+ years experience in landscape and nature photography. The tour is aimed at improving your photography as well as meeting other passionate creatives and experiencing the fascinating nature of Switzerland.

Therefore you must have interest in photography – beginners with basic knowledge in photography, as well as intermediates are welcome! We will not be covering any advanced topics throughout this time.

We will be going to high elevations and mountainous regions throughout this workshop. Therefore, it’s very important to bring good walking shoes, warm and waterproof clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, a headlamp, and a towel with you. Your clothing must keep you warm and dry to provide the best experience possible.

Please see our list of Ausrüstung kann oben eingesehen werden.

We suggest bringing a DSLR or mirrorless camera or if you’re just starting with photography, your favourite camera, lenses, extra batteries, rain gear, a drone (optional) and a tripod. Even though all levels of photography are welcome, please don’t bring an iPhone as your camera of choice.

We will be sending out information on the exposure triangle right before the workshop. For beginners, it will be crucial for you to study this information so that we can get into creating incredible images as soon as you’re in Switzerland. We will not be running over the very basics of how to use a camera in manual mode on tour (aperture, shutter speed, ISO), but will be helping you with camera settings and adjustments throughout, supporting you in creating the best possible images and answering any questions you have.

It’s crucial that you check with your embassy in order to confirm if you need to apply for a visa ahead of time.

Absolutely! If you would like to spend a few extra days exploring Switzerland and applying your new found photography knowledge, you can stay as long as your visa allows. We will be happy to make suggestions of locations to visit after the workshop if you decide to explore Switzerland further! Please note: If you arrive outside of the tour dates, the drop off and pick up from the airport/train station does not apply and you’ll have to organize your own transport. We’ll happily assist you with that.

We will be doing some moderate hiking and walking throughout the workshop. There are a few hikes that require some moderate incline climbing. Therefore, a good level of health is advised.

Die Teilnehmer müssen bei Beginn der Tour 18 Jahre alt sein.

Concerning the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are offering a Covid-19 guarantee to all workshop participants.

Your deposits and payments will always go towards a trip. If 2021 is postponed by Covid-19, then you are confirmed on the following year tour without having to pay anything extra.

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