Digital Photography Prints: A Review of Saal Digital

by Lana Tannir
Es Pontas in Mallorca

As a professional photographer, I am always searching for the best printing company to bring my images to life. For this reason, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to test Saal Digital‘s products for free. Here’s a verdict of a photograph I printed on their acrylic glass.


Saal Digital’s acrylic print is 5mm thick with a reflective surface. In particular, what appealed to me is that the image is frameless and transparent around the edges. As a result, a beautiful light refraction appeared when I hung the print up on my wall. The acrylic glass itself is sturdy with precisely cut edges. Because of this meticulous processing technique, the photograph appears very clean and elegant.


Saal Digital’s intense, vibrant colors create strong image depth. The highlights and shadows transition smoothly into each other. Deep blacks and off-whites remain natural. Since most photographers shoot landscapes during sunrise or sunset, the latter is perfect for this type of work. Additionally, the digital image I calibrated on my monitor exactly matched the color of the acrylic print. Often, this is a problem when printing digital photos. Thus, I was very happy that the results were so precise.

Order & Delivery

Processing the order for Saal Digital’s acrylic print was very simple. I downloaded the brand’s in-house software and was able to format my photograph according to the specifications I wanted. Within the click of a button, I modified the print size, material, design templates, and custom size options. Ultimately, Saal Digital delivered the image promptly within five days of ordering. And what’s even better: the photo was packaged safely, but I could still unpack it easily.


Saal Digital’s price falls within the standard range of acrylic prints. Yet, it would be beneficial to include a standard wall mount within the original order price. Currently, the consumer can order a standard wall mount for an extra cost of €8.95. Based on my previous experience, other industry providers usually include a standard mount in the order.


I am very happy with the quality and appearance of this wall print. The vivid colors and elegant image processing of the acrylic glass add beautiful depth to the photograph. This makes it ideal for landscape and architecture photographers. The order processing is intuitive and Saal Digital delivers the image within only a few days. Hence, it is simple for any photographer to deliver projects within tight deadlines.


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