Wild Encounters Calendar 2021

Wild Encounters encapsulates wildlife experiences around the globe: from Orcas in Northern Norway and Reindeer in Svalbard, to local discoveries on the remote shores of Germany. By portraying the beauty of nature, this calendar brings a piece of the wilderness into your home.


  • Format: 30×20 cm (A4 portrait)
  • Silver spiral binding with wall-mount
  • Printed on premium paper with glossy finish
  • Long-lasting durability with natural UV protection
  • Premium paper is FSC-certified and bears the EU eco-label
  • Available in English or German language

Limited stock available!

Shipping in: European Union

Shipping Cost: 5,50 € (flat rate)

Delivery Time: 7-10 Business Days


In accordance with § 19 UStG VAT is not applied.


In accordance with § 19 UStG VAT is not applied.

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