Find the perfect combination of prints for your space.

With a wide range of tonal values ranging from dark polar nights to white winter landscapes, the Wild Encounters collection is curated to perfectly work together. Pairing prints can create a visual story and cast a unique atmosphere across your interior. Here are some steps on how to best pair artworks for your interior.


Assess your space.


What kind of decor, style, tonality and furniture does your space already have? Perhaps your room has dark walls, wooden floors, and large windows that cast warm light into your interior? Perhaps you have already designed your space in a certain type of style (e.g. Modern, Eclectic, Minimalist, Rustic, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Farmhouse)?


Finding the right balance of colour and tones can help you to create a particular atmosphere in your space. I am personally drawn towards open, airy environments, wooden accents and a minimalist style. For this reason, I would choose prints that subtly blend into my space rather than drawing immediate attention.


On the other hand, perhaps you would prefer to make an instant statement and draw attention towards the artwork when you walk into the room. With either design, it is important to consider the colour palette and positioning of the prints in your interior.


Consider contrast and complementary colors.


Contrast and color works best when prints are paired. Whether your rooms are already decorated or you have just moved into a new space, it is important to consider the color palette of your interior when selecting artworks.


Rooms that are small, dark or full benefit from light toned and minimal artworks. For instance, you could pair Stranger in the Snow with Facing the Storm to bring balance and calm into your space. Both have a central composition and work together to tell a greater story.


On the other hand, rooms with big white walls and minimal decor provide the perfect opportunity to bring more contrast into the space. Contrast can either be created with a single, large distinct visual, such as Ritual, or achieved by pairing a light and a dark artwork.


Another way to add contrast is by combining a warm and a cold color, such as yellow and blue. This can add a punch to your interior and create a strong statement in your space. In order to pair prints this way, it is best to always go with the same color combination for each print.


Regardless of tone, you can go a long way just by choosing the theme and style of the prints. Pairing one abstract image, rich in detail and texture, with one wider minimal composition, could lead to the perfect balance and visual cohesion.


Include different textures.


Combining various textures can add depth and dimensionality to your room. Therefore, besides color and tone, it is important to consider the patterns of your interior when selecting artworks.


If you have a busy space, selecting minimal textures is key to bringing more harmony into the room. On the other hand, rooms with a simple and spacious design can benefit from strong textures that ground the interior.


Lastly, balancing a smooth print with a textured one will not only create better cohesion. It will help to enhance the visual impact of both works because neither will take away attention from the other.

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