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Learn photography techniques during tours or private coaching.

My unique photography tours and workshops combine photography techniques, local guidance and breathtaking travel destinations. In a small group of 6-8 people, you will explore unique locations AND learn techniques that help you bring each photograph to the next level.

With a limited number of participants, I commit time to each individual. This way, you can profit from the experience and achieve your photography goals. Even better? The experience connects you and other individuals who share the same creative passion. Select a workshop, course or tour to learn more.

Besides group tours, you can also profit from my private coaching sessions. Overcome your personal photography challenges with my one-on-one offer below!

Landscape Photography Workshop

In this workshop, we will capture the breathtaking Bavarian landscapes in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen with our camera. During the workshop we will learn about perspectives, subject selection, colors, contrasts, composition, long exposure, the use of ND filters, and creating depth at the Kuhflucht Waterfalls. In collaboration with Foto DINKEL.

Photography Spots

Wildlife Photography Workshop

In this workshop, we will develop the skills to independently plan, identify, create, and select striking wildlife images. During the four hours at Poing Wildlife Park, we will learn the basics of wildlife photography, discover new perspectives, learn about focusing techniques, and use exposure to tell stories. In collaboration with Foto DINKEL.

private coaching

Mentoring is the fastest way to improve your photography techniques and achieve your individual goals. Providing specific guidance, my private coaching sessions are individually tailored towards your requirements. Work on improving your photography techniques on-location or via a call. Sessions can be booked on an hourly basis. I am happy to advise on the number of hours required to achieve your goals.

On-Location Photography Coaching

In this private session, I help you to create striking photographs on-location by guiding you through the entire process.


Portfolio Review: identifying areas of improvement.


Camera Techniques: summary of photography theory to fill in any technical gaps.


Practical Coaching: preliminary research, selection of photography location and on-site guidance.


Post-Processing Techniques: introduction to Photoshop and Lightroom (if required).


Feedback Summary: including critique of 5 images produced during workshop & PDF guide.

Individual Portfolio Consultation

In this one-on-one session, I work with you to edit a compelling collection from your images. This consultation takes place via Zoom.


Portfolio Review: preliminary image review before the call.


Image Critique: identifying areas of improvement for future projects.


Image Selection: feedback on creating an image collection focused on your personal objectives.


Post-Processing Techniques: tips on post-processing images using Photoshop and Lightroom.


Feedback Summary: including a bonus tip and action item tailored to your goals.

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One of the best workshops I have ever attended! Everything was well thought out, planned and set up. The day before the workshop we had a theoretical session in which Lana reviewed the basics and explained everything necessary for the workshop in detail. At the beginning of the practical part, Lana ensured again that all participants had set up the camera correctly. All in all, Lana took excellent care of us, was a " motif scout", answered all questions in detail and also gave us one or two "insider tips". Also the follow-up leaves nothing to be desired! Thank you for the great workshop - I will definitely book a workshop with Lana again.

Christiane N.

The workshop impressed me with its well thought-out structure, the practical instruction regarding landscape photography basics (image composition, lighting design, camera settings) and the competent support from Lana. Each participant received extensive support and their individual questions and problems were discussed in detail. Lana also knows how to give suggestions and assistance, but leave room for the interpretation of the participants. I can therefore give a clear recommendation for the workshop.

Michael S.

I was thrilled. With her open, friendly and engaging manner, Lana can explain things wonderfully and convey her great skills and experience. Absolutely participate, even those who are not "actually" landscape fanatics. You will certainly broaden your photographic horizons.

Robert O.

A photography course in a very relaxed atmosphere. Lana is patient, calm and answers each question in a lot of detail. She applies different topics on the spot and provides good examples using her extensive experience. The course has brought me a lot of new insights and encouraged me to see things from a different point of view. An enrichment for everyone who likes to photograph wildlife! Even if you have a technical problem with your camera, she looks for and finds a solution...

Wolfgang F.

Very successful, instructive and well thought-out workshop. I really learned a lot. Especially about the image compositions that could be used in animal photography to make the pictures more interesting. The workshop group was pleasantly small, so Lana had the opportunity to advise each participant individually. You learn something and have fun at the same time. A clear recommendation!

Alexander W.

Lana gave a very good introduction to the different aspects of landscape photography and above all explained them very clearly and understandably. The practical exercises were very well prepared, location, spots etc. and when the weather was not playing along, an alternate date was offered. I learned a lot in a very short time. Lana has a very likeable and calm manner and therefore the workshop immediately had a great atmosphere.

Markus G.

The workshop appeals to beginners, as well as advanced photographers. The 2-hour theory session beforehand is helpful, in which the exposure triangle and other useful points are recapitulated. In contrast to other genres, camera settings are particularly helpful in wildlife photography, especially everything around the AF. All of this is undertaken at the very beginning of the practical session. In the workshop, the participants have enough time to ask questions and always receive helpful answers and tips on how to approach the subject. Four hours provide enough time to experiment and receive feedback from the instructor. The Poing Wildlife Park is particularly suitable for practicing on different subjects due to the different animal worlds - from the resting forest fawn to the flying goose, there was a lot on offer. A very entertaining event with nice participants and instructor.

Reinhard O.

With a lot of time and patience, Lana works with participants to improve their photo composition and camera settings, among other things. The theoretical seminar prior to the course ensures that you can get started straight away and that all participants have a solid foundation. It is also worth mentioning that Lana gives detailed individual photo feedback on selected photos after the course. I can highly recommend the course and would definitely do it again.

Hans L.

I was very impressed! Lana is just great at sharing her knowledge in an understandable and simple way with the workshop participants. Regardless of one's knowledge level. She is very patient and her easy-going and open manner makes the experience comfortable and relaxed. We laughed a lot and learned a lot. I will definitely book a workshop with her again. Thanks again to you Lana! It was awesome.

Nadine W.

Good choice of location, good briefing on theory with practical tips, incl. handout, sensitive coaching on site, down-to-earth manner, passing on practical handicraft...Great, highly recommended!

Gerd R.

For me, it was especially interesting to compare the differences between filter photography with glass filters and digital processing, for example with Lightroom. Lana Tannir is very helpful and has a very good knowledge of photo locations.

Manfred V.

I got valuable tips for image ideas, image composition and post-processing. Lana's landscape photography course was very pleasant and without time pressure.

Georg V.

Very informative workshop with detailed tips for improvement in animal photography. Clear analysis of the selected photos. Today, I have a clearer view of the subject and a more versatile perspective for creating interesting animal photos. Lana's subtle advice leaves room for own interpretations, inspires new concepts and sticks in mind.

Holger K.

Very pleasant course, well organized, structured, detailed instruction, friendly atmosphere. Lana is very competent, can explain concepts proficiently, solves problems efficiently, and the theoretical, as well as practical part of the course is highly recommended!

Mico R.

Lana takes a lot of time and offers great tips for all circumstances: image composition, lighting conditions, camera settings. Both photo courses have fully met my expectations.

Alexander W.

I have never participated in a workshop where the workshop leader cares so much about his/her participants and gives practical tips on the spot. Lana is a great coach. You really learn something here. I'm saving up for a big workshop with her.

Robert O.

I joined Lana's wildlife photography workshop in Poing. Overall, it was a great experience. Lana explains calmly and precisely. She uses the time in the course to help her participants to advance in photography.

Diana R.

Very good. Lana explains calmly and precisely. She uses the time in the course to help the participants advance in photography, not for self-promotion.

Alexander M.

I enjoyed Lana's landscape photography workshop and learned a lot.

Ingrid D.

I was very satisfied with the landscape photography course. Lana is very nice and helpful. She provided a filter photography demo, which was very interesting.

Kurt S.

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