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Echoes of the Whales

Every winter, one of the most breathtaking natural spectacles occurs in Northern Norway. Orcas and humpback whales return to the Arctic following schools of herring northwards. Yet, the onset of whale watching tourism has increased disturbance. This story explores alternative solutions on the first electric whale watching vessel to sail Norwegian Seas.

Nesting in Plastic

It is estimated that about 98% of gannet nests on the German island Heligoland contain plastic waste. This equals to about 1,600 Kilograms (3,527 Pounds) in total. Approximately 14 birds die per day due to entanglement and strangulation as a result. Nesting in Plastic depicts the contrast between beauty and tragedy of these seabirds.

Life on the Edge

Longyearbyen in Svalbard is the northernmost town on Earth. With only 2,500 inhabitants, this place nevertheless carries a rich history of mining and exploration. In the midst of one of the harshest climates, unique flora and fauna have adapted and paved the way for humans to settle. This story explores the tenacity and fragility of survival on at 78° North.

Changing Perspectives

The relationship between local fishermen and pelicans on lake Kerkini in Greece was not always amicable. Now, there is a mutuality between the birds and the fishermen, in which the former maintain a healthy ecosystem and the latter support a threatened population. This story looks into whether human intervention can aid conservation.


Lana Tannir is a National Geographic Explorer, nature conservation photographer, and science storyteller based in Munich, Germany. As a World Animal Protection and Girls Who Click ambassador, her photographs focus on telling stories of the intersection of humans with nature. Thereby, she aims to raise awareness and advance education to incite global change. In particular, she focuses on marine environments and remote Arctic regions to unveil the last wild places on Earth. 


Tannir’s photographs are regularly exhibited in Germany and the U.K., most recently at photoMÜNCHEN 2019 and Mohr Villa Freimann 2018. Her latest publications include National Geographic Germany, Terra Mater, Oceanographic Magazine, Nature TTL, Wildlife Photographic, Female Explorer, and The Telegraph. In 2021, she received an honorable mention at the International Photography Awards in the photojournalism category and was named an emerging photographer in landscape photography by National Geographic Germany.


How to Be a Conservation Photographer

Conservation photography is one of the most powerful forms of storytelling. By highlighting issues about current topics (e.g. climate change, human-wildlife conflict, plastic pollution) the goal of a conservation photographer…



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