Lana Tannir is a nature, landscape and wildlife conservation photographer based in Munich. A World Animal ProtectionGirls Who Click and f-stop ambassador, she strives to promote global change by raising awareness, advancing education and inspiring people to act through her work.

Lana’s photographs encapsulate stories of the astonishing beauty of our planet and the creatures inhabiting it. As a National Geographic photographer, she provides an introspective into nature conservation and animal welfare with a focus on challenging environments and remote Arctic places.


Since graduating from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Lana has worked on more than 100 projects on an international scale. Her clients include NGOs, non-profit organizations, sustainable brands, and eco-friendly tourism agencies.


Lana’s photographs and stories are regularly exhibited in Germany and the UK – most recently at photoMÜNCHEN 2019 and Mohr Villa Freimann 2018. Her most recent publications include National Geographic GermanyTerra Mater MagazinOceanographic Magazine, Wildlife Photographic, North Wales Magazine, The Telegraph, and Reclam Verlag.

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International Photography Awards 2021
Nesting in Plastic
Honorable Mention


photoMünchen 2019
14. November – 17. November 2019


Mohr Villa Freimann 2018
6. April 2018 – 28. April 2018


Bosco Gauting 2017
Natur: Beleuchtet
20. June – 28. July 2017


Rathaus Gemeinde Gilching 2017
Natur: Beleuchtet
13. September – 11. October 2017

Kreisklinikum Starnberg 2016/2017
Natur: Beleuchtet
14. December 2016 – 23. April 2017


Rathaus Gemeinde Berg 2016
Natur: Beleuchtet
10. October – 2. December 2016


Schlossberghalle Starnberg 2016
Mongolia: A Path to Hope
27. September – 8. October 2016


The Guildford Institute 2016
Explore Guildford
11. April – 29. April 2016


Lewis Elton Gallery 2016
In a Different Light
1. December 2015 – 28. January 2016


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